Making music from the heart




In view of the Covid-19 pandemic we have suspended all our rehearsals until further notice.

It may well be not until the SUMMER OF 2021 before we are able to resume.  Meanwhile, we wish all our players and audience members continued good health and the will to do all that is necessary for us to avoid contracting and passing this terrible virus.

St. MIchael's is a very pleasant space for music-making (as well as worship) and provides a welcoming venue for concerts.

If you are coming from the Rochdale direction, you will find the church on your right just as you have gone through the traffic lights at the junction of Bury & Rochdale Old Road with Queen's Drive coming out of Heywood. There is ample parking space at the west end of the building, but you have to negotiate a sharp right turn into the driveway, and the driveway is very steep.